2 Piece Set - Connectors for Vertical Standards - Allspace

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Easily expand your Allspace wall organizing system by using these connectors to mate two Allspace Vertical Standards together. Allspace Vertical Standards offer easy customization for wall organization solutions. Simply hang them from an Allspace Top Track or mount directly to the wall. These connectors mate two Vertical Standards to double their vertical length from 18-3/4 " to 37-1/2 ". Then you can add more peg board panels, 24" Wire Shelves or 24" Utility Tracks.


  • Use to connect Allspace Vertical Standards to double or triple their length 
  • Attractive grey finish looks great in home, office or garage
  • Durable and rust-resistant powdercoat finish for years of good looks
  • Heavy duty construction for secure holding power 
  • Includes two connectors to mate four Vertical Standards
  • Includes 4 bolts and 4 locknuts to secure Connectors to Vertical Standards
  • Requires Phillips screwdriver and adjustable wrench to assemble (not included)
  • Item # 450036-21